Product Care


+   SEASON your new cast iron prior to using, which helps create a natural non-stick surface (see below)
+   HAND WASH cast iron with hot water, no soap, and use a stiff non-metal brush or sponge to remove any residue, it should never be put in a dishwasher
+   DRY PROMPTLY and completely as cast iron can rust, drying cast iron on the stovetop is our favorite
+   HOW TO SEASON your new cast iron: 
Start by scrubbing well with warm soapy water (soap should only be used the first time).  Dry the cast iron thoroughly. Spread a thin layer of vegetable shortening, lard, or bacon grease (vegetable oil is not recommended). Heat oven to 375 degrees and place upside down on a middle rack in the oven. Bake for 1 hour and let cool completely in the oven.  Season regularly.



+  VARIATION in form and finish is natural of each piece
+  OVEN SAFE up to 450 degrees
+  SUDDEN CHANGES in temperature can cause breakage
+  SCRATCHES - Some cutlery and kitchen tools can cause minor scratches in the glaze, these can generally be removed with ‘Bar Keepers Friend’



+   NEVER USE BLEACH or color brighteners, these will weaken the fibers and may discolor the items
+   HAND or MACHINE WASH with like colors, use mild detergent, in cold water on a gentle cycle
+   FOR A CRISPER FEEL you may hang them on a line to dry
+   FOR A SOFTER TOUCH machine tumble dry on a low temperature
+   TO MINIMIZE WRINKLING remove and fold linen items promptly when dry
+   FOR ALL YOU TYPE As iron warm (not the ‘linen’ setting)
+   PILLOWS we love overstuffed pillows, but they need to be stuffed and unstuffed gently near the zipper
+   NAPKINS AND PLACEMATS try to remove any stains immediately by blotting with or soaking in warm water
+   LINT during the first few washes can occur and is a natural result of the stone-washing process



+   FOOD SAFE enamel coating on trays and bowls, cold and warm foods, no hot foods
+   HAND WASH with warm water with a mild dish soap, they should never be put in a dishwasher
+   DRY PROMPTLY to prevent spotting
+   DIRECT SUNLIGHT will fade the enamel 

+   NOT FOOD SAFE for decorative use only
+   HAND WASH with warm water and a mild dish soap, they should never be put in a dishwasher
+   DRY PROMPTLY to prevent spotting 



+   NATURAL MATERIALS such as marble have variations in color and veining per piece, are normal and makes each piece one of a kind
+   HAND WASH marble items, they should never be put in a dishwasher
+   DRY PROMPTLY to prevent metallic accents from spotting
+   SEAL with a food grade mineral oil, to help repel stains (this will not make it stainproof)
+   STAINS - acid based, oil based, color based foods (i.e. beets), will stain the marble, use caution to preserve longevity



+   DRY PROMPTLY or wood items can crack
+   OIL REGULARLY with food-grade oil, like mineral oil (in a pinch, we use olive oil)
+   HAND WASH wood items, as they should never be put in a dishwasher
+   WOOD BURNS so take care to not leave wood items near fire or hot metals
+   VARIATION in wood grain and shape are natural, as items are mostly handmade