By Pallares Solsona

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Pallares Solsana, based in the northeast of Spain, has built its craft on the region's traditional knife-making industry, which dates all the way back to the 16th (!!) century. Their company was founded in 1917, and today they're the only remaining knife manufacturer in the region. All this to say - they've clearly sharpened their skills over the years (sorry, we had to), and we trust their hefty, thoughtfully-crafted knives for any task in the kitchen. Each piece is made from German steel and is hand-sharpened for extra quality and care.  

Material: Carbon Steel + Boxwood
Size: Small, 8.25"L (4.5"blade), Medium, 11"L (6.5"blade), Large, 13.25"L (8.5"blade)
Care: Carbon steel knife care instructions
Country of Origin: Spain