Refresh: springtime at home

Flowers in Verdure Vases.

It might be February, but we’ve already got our sights on Spring. Sorry! Maybe we’re in denial about the Groundhog’s Day results, but a little bit of pre-Spring planning does go a long way.

Hopefully you’re already excited about Spring (like us), but if you need to get excited about it, we think this will do the trick. 

Even though about half our team lives in LA, we still look forward to the changing of seasons. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say: Because about half our team lives in LA, we look forward to changing our home decor seasonally as a necessary reminder that the seasons are, in fact, changing. Conveniently, our houses are also full of Hawkins New York items (in a variety of colors) that can be rearranged, reimagined, removed, or layered depending on the weather. 

Yes, all seasonal shifts are important and worth decorating about, but there’s just something about Spring. With its infusion of vitality and the promise of creative inspiration coming from every corner, doing a Spring refresh is incredibly important for our minds, our souls, and our guests. This sentiment feels particularly relevant in 2023, as we’re firmly back into the swing of socialization, community, and coming together as much and as often as our schedules permit. But the age-old question for every home update is, “Where do I start?” Although we generally believe there are no wrong answers when it comes to decorating your own space, we’re happy to provide some suggestions for you.

1. Get your sh*t together

There’s a reason Spring Cleaning exists. Literally and emotionally, you have to clear out the dust, clutter, and seasonal affective disorder that your winter self allowed to accumulate. But before you start making your Spring Pinterest board or adding items to your shopping cart, you need to get your house in order. Swedish designer Beata Heumen encourages this as your first spring refresh step as well in her book Every Room Should Sing, with the added benefit that, “knowing where everything is and being organized makes your home feel bigger.” Once your rooms are organized and you’ve taken stock of what you really need vs what you can live without, you’ll be much better equipped to revamp your space. Don’t forget that when it comes to reorganizing, storage baskets are your best friend, and anything you haven’t used in the last 3 months you can probably live without. Clean first, and thank yourself later.

2. Tackle one room at a time

You know that massive To Do list you mentally create for yourself at 2am? Yeah… don’t do that when you’re refreshing your decor. If you try to tackle your entire home in one fell swoop, you either won’t get through it all, or you won’t enjoy yourself. Two terrible outcomes. There’s nothing worse than getting overwhelmed doing something that should be fun, or having a half-finished project looming over your head for months. Move systematically throughout your space and start wherever feels the least daunting.

Remember that you don't have to reinvent the wheel to update your decor. Try simple swaps in the living room, by switching out your wool throws for woven or quilted linen, and your rich-hued throw pillows for fresh, light colors. In the bedroom, add a piece of woven furniture and mix crisper, more breathable Percale sheets into your cozier bedding. 

3. Florals? For Spring?

No, it’s not groundbreaking, but yes, it will add energy into your home. There are legitimate scientific studies that prove access to green spaces is linked with relaxing the sympathetic nervous system, while plants and fresh flowers have also been linked to boosts in mood, energy, and concentration. So bring the outdoors inside, doctor’s orders. And on the non-scientific front, fresh plants and florals are pretty to look at, add extra texture to your rooms, and enable you to consciously dedicate time and care to your space. 

If you’re feeling extra bold and experimental, try your hand at an Ikebana arrangement and embrace a new floral project with the help of footed bowls and flower frogs. If you’re unsure of what plants you can actually keep alive in your home, research the best suited greenery for your available light level and a truly manageable care level (this is the time to be honest with yourself, there are no wrong answers), or keep it simple with the surefire combination of your favorite flowers plus a pill vase. If you already have a green thumb, Spring is the perfect time to re-pot your thriving plants in fresh planters before the growing season.

4. Move it, don’t lose it

Speaking of rearrangements, you don’t need to buy all new stuff for each season! While it can be nice to embrace a particular seasonal color palette (and if colors are your thing, you should live your truth), the idea that you need new items for a new season is patently incorrect and can be a daunting barrier for entry. Instead of going on a shopping spree, try shifting your living room furniture, moving a piece of bedroom decor into the bathroom, or experimenting with a new use for a familiar staple. Can your utensil canister be used for chilled wine? Would your vase look great as an impromptu bookend? The world is your oyster, and the oyster is your beautifully redecorated home.  

5. Activate your senses

The power of a change of scenery and scent cannot be underestimated. Whether you prefer to be seasonally aligned with classic Spring notes, or you’re just tired of your Winter scents, a change in season is the ideal excuse for picking a new signature fragrance. If you choose new green plants instead of fresh flowers, try embracing a scent with floral notes. If you already have the smell of fresh flowers in your home because of, well, the fresh flowers, try a different revitalizing scent with undertones of bergamot, citrus, or eucalyptus. 

Your Spring refresh should be spiritually and seasonally aligned with your decor desires, so use the tips that resonate with you and lose the ones that don’t. If you do need some new goods to live your best Spring life, check out these product recommendations.

1. Woven Pouf 2.Stacking Planter 3. Feather Duster 4. Wellfleet Candle 5. Simple Linen Quilted Throw 6.Percale Duvet and Pillowcases 7. Essential Low Basket

1. Woven Pouf 2.Stacking Planter 3. Feather Duster 4. Wellfleet Candle 5. Simple Linen Quilted Throw 6.Percale Duvet and Pillowcases 7. Essential Low Basket