Playing: in the summer

It’s finally summertime and the extended daylight couldn’t come fast enough. Since we raced our way to this beloved season, we recommend finally slowing down and relishing in the sunshine, the fresh fruit, and the ease of those hot days that turn into calm nights.

Of course there are countless, wonderful ways to set this summer tone, but our current favorite is through this playlist. 

Listen to these tracks + more on our complete Summer Playlist.  

Antônio Carlos Jobim | Batidinha
Funkmammoth | Ipanema
Peggy Lee | Sweet Happy Life 
Hope Tala | Anywhere
Honeybutter | Bite the Bit
Sébastien Tellier | Roche
L'impératrice | Agitations tropicales (version acoustique)
Maria Toledo, Luiz Bonfa | Whistle Samba
Mayra Andrade | Manga
Tom Misch, De La Soul | It Runs Through Me
Claude Fontaine | I'll Play the Fool
Father John Misty | Real Love Baby
Me and My Friends | You Read My Mind
Clairo | Sofia 
Renata Zeiguer | Chega de Saudade
Summer Salt | In The AM
Kate Bollinger | Talk About It
Shintaro Sakamoto | Presence
Quarteto Jobim-Morelenbaum | Agua de Beber
Skinshape, D'Alma | Sua Alma
HNNY | Most Really Pretty Girls Have Pretty Ugly Feet
Grace Jones | Libertango  
Elle Músa | Mango Pops