Greeting: some quick introductions

Co-founders Nick + Paul daydreaming at Sawkill Farm in Upstate NY

Today, we’re expanding our mission of making great, high quality homewares for every type of living, and making space to celebrate the art, the drinks, the muses, and the moments that make home our favorite place to be.

So we thought we'd reintroduce ourselves.

Dear reader,

There’s one thing you should know about us: when we can’t find something we love, we just make it ourselves.

This is how Hawkins New York started. The two of us (Nick and Paul) couldn’t seem to find the products we wanted, in the quality materials we liked, at the price-points that made sense to us… so we made our own. 

Since 2013, we’ve been doing just that. Collaborating with local artisan collectives from Colorado to Tunisia, curating cool, useful products from like-minded brands, and turning our morning-coffee-fueled dreams into e-commerce reality. As homebodies we might be a little biased, but no matter how big or small our impact is, we truly love being a part of your home. 

But for us, home isn’t just the products you put in it. It’s made of the shared experiences you have inside (and outside) with the people you invite into your life.

And when it comes to creating experiences, well, we’d like to think we know a thing or two… 

Don’t just take our word for it. Instead, take it from the friends and family who keep asking us how to create the perfect holiday tabletop, the perfect mood-setting playlist, or curate the scents and textures for the ultimate feeling of comfort. Finally, we have an answer for all of them…

This journal. 

Just like the founding of Hawkins, the HNY journal is a communal answer to a need for connection, expression, and all things home. We’re recruiting our coolest friends, our style icons, and our creative team to share the art of every at-home ritual. 

Welcome to our journal. It’s so nice to have you.