How-To: Set a Summer Table

Whether you're hosting a gathering or looking to elevate everyday dining, we've got you covered. Here are our top 3 tips for setting an inspiring and beautiful summer table. 


1. Layer Pattern 

Layer in table linens with color and pattern to add depth and visual variety to your summer table setting. When we talk about tabletop textiles, we often think of it in three stages—the base layer, which includes the tablecloth, an optional accent layer like a placemat or table runner, and the final most functional layer, the napkins. 

As a general rule of thumb, you will want at least one out of the three layers to include a solid color to ground the table and keep it from feeling too busy. 


maximalist table setting.


2. Mix Materials

Mixing materials like glass and ceramics can elevate your table setting, adding dimension to the overall look. We like to start with ceramic dinner plates as the base. They provide a functional foundation for dining and add texture to the table. From there, add glass salad plates or bowls on top. The transparency of glass allows the texture from the ceramics to peek through, adding depth.


A pattern-filled summer table setting.


3. Add a Centerpiece 

Adding a centerpiece like a vase or candle holders can bring height and easily elevate your table setting. When selecting a vase, opt for one that complements your table's color scheme and materials. Clear or colored glass vases add a light, airy feel, while ceramic vases can introduce texture and pattern. 

Use candle holders of different heights to create visual interest. White or cream candles provide a classic look, while colored candles can add a vibrant touch.

Last but not least, a reminder that confidence in your choices can make unconventional combinations work beautifully. Test out combinations, have fun with it, and trust your eye. If it looks and feels right to you, it will likely appeal to your guests as well.