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Our Organic Serveware Bowl Collection is the larger (and super mini) version of our Organic Dinnerware Collection.  A beautiful study in fluid forms with pieces that are neither fully square, nor exactly circular, either. An elegant and elevated way to serve and prep. The collection is made in Portugal, where each piece is hand-painted in a choice of four colors: white, blush, light grey and charcoal. Variation is natural in form and finish, and makes for a beautiful presentation.  We love the Mini Bowls for meal prep, salt and pepper wells, or for serving garnishes like hot sauce or citrus wedges.  The Nut bowls can be taken literally or as the perfect spot for dips. The Serving Bowls, in three sizes, make the perfect home for a great salad, side dish or baked dessert.


MINI BOWL, 3 x 1.5" $10.00

NUT BOWL, 4 x 1.85" $14.00

SMALL SERVING BOWL, 8.75 x 5.25" $60.00

MEDIUM SERVING BOWL, 12 x 4.5" $80.00

LARGE SERVING BOWL, 13.5 x 4" $120.00


Material: Glazed stoneware
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Made in Portugal