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$ 10.00

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Our Organic Dinnerware Collection is a study in fluid forms. Each piece lands somewhere between shapes; neither fully square, nor exactly circular, either. It'll keep your dinner guests guessing. The collection is made in Portugal, where each piece is hand-painted in a choice of four colors: white, blush, light grey and charcoal. Variation is natural in form and finish, and makes for a beautifully imperfect stack (whether on the shelf or in the sink).


DINNER PLATE, 10.5" $24.00
SALAD PLATE, 8.5" $20.00
LOW BOWL, 8.5 x 1.75" $28.00
CEREAL BOWL, 6 x 3" $18.00
ICE CREAM BOWL, 5.25 x 2.25" $16.00

NUT BOWL, 4 x 1.85" $14.00

MINI BOWL, 3 x 1.5" $10.00


Material: Glazed stoneware
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Made in Portugal