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Named after the two design firms that collaborated on this piece - the Swedish Note Design Studio & the Danish Norm Architects - this ovular coffee table is a testament to a meeting of the minds. The designer met by chance during a visit to Milan, and discovered they were inspired by the same visual: a heavy-topped table supported by slender legs. And just like that, the Nono table was born. The glass top reflects the room around it, while the slim legs make it seem like it's not even there.

Material: Silk Printed Glass + Powder Coated Steel + Anodized Aluminum
Size: 38"W x 23.4"D x 13.8"H
Care: To remove dust, wipe all surfaces with dry soft cloth. All steel parts can be wiped clean with a damp cloth without any detergent. Use glass cleaner for glass table top. Do not spray glass cleaner on metal frame parts.
Country of Origin: China

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