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A line of apothecary-minded scents made for both sniffing and soothing. 


VATA: Rich and dreamy, with bergamot, vanilla and rose.


PITTA: Neroli and lavender working hand in hand to keep you cool, calm, collected.


KAPHA: Take a hike with notes of moss, spruce, cedar and teak.



The Ayurveda Doshas: In Ayurveda, three doshas are responsible for governing our biology, psychology, and consciousness: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Everyone is made up of all three but one is typically more dominant. Learning your unique dosha makeup can help you create a daily holistic regime.


Vata Dosha: Ruled by ether and air elements, Vata can be characterized by cold, dry, light, quick and irregular, tendencies. We balance this dosha by using herbs that have opposite qualities such as warming and moisturizing herbs and oils.


Pitta Dosha: Ruled by fire and water elements, pitta can be characterized by hot, sharp, oily, assertive and strong tendencies.


Kapha Dosha: Ruled by water and earth elements, Kapha can be characterized by heavy, cool, oily, slow and vicious qualities tendencies. 


PERFUME OIL, 0.5 fluid oz, $46


DETAILS: Cruelty free. Roll on. 

Made in the USA