Crane Cookware

By Crane Cookware

$ 100.00

Crane cast iron products are finished with a specially formulated matte black enamel inside and out. Originally developed for use in commercial kitchens, the specific properties of this high-quality enamel finish improve its resistance to thermal shocks and scratches. Ideal for sautéing, caramelizing, searing, braising and baking. The pans will gradually “burn in” as they are used & will take on a brownish patina.

C1 CASSEROLE, 12 x 6" $225.00
C2 SAUTE PAN, 12 x 3.75" $175.00
C3 FRYING PAN, 15 x 2.75" $145.00
C5 GRIDDLE PAN, 12 x 1.25" $100.00

Material: 100% Vitreous Enamaled Cast Iron
Care: Hand Wash
Made in France

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