Amoeba Cutting Boards

By Fern NYC

$ 68.00


The Amoeba cutting board line was inspired by the fascinating natural shapes of the single-cellular organism they are named for. Available in three sizes and three different wood styles, the Amoeba Cutting Boards were originally produced from off cuts of handmade custom furniture. Substantial in their weight, this cutting board series is professional chef quality. We stack them and use them for serving hors d'oeuvres as well. Handmade in Portugal from European hardwoods.

LARGE MAPLE, 26 L x 1.75" D $150.00
MEDIUM WALNUT, 22 L x 1.5" D $125.00 SOLD OUT
MEDIUM MAPLE, 22 L x 1.5" D $100.00
SMALL OAK, 18 L x 1.25" D $70.00 SOLD OUT
SMALL MAPLE, 18 L x 1.25" D $68.00

Material: Maple, Walnut, or Oak
Care: Regular oiling with a food grade oil
Made in Portugal

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