By Hawkins New York

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Our wallpaper line is a collaboration with artist/designer/friend/long-time-partner Alyson Fox, and is a study in pattern, shape, and repetitive story.

Weave is a 5-color screen printed wallpaper, designed to be a study in the interplay of tones. Intertwined paints and flecks of color create a pattern that knits together visual subtlety and ooh-look-at-that interest.

As with every design in our wallpaper collection, Weave comes in three colorways: Terracotta (browns and earth tones with flecks of metallic gold), Light Grey (light and airy with touches of brown) and Grey (a light-and-dark combo for when you want a bit of both). Plays well with all sorts of colors, in all sorts of rooms.

Material: Non Woven Paper, Unpasted
Size: 27"W x 27'L Double Roll, 25.25" Vertical Repeat, 60.75 square feet coverage, Swatch, 8.5"L x 11"W
Care: Gently wipe clean with a damp white cloth or sponge. Professional installation recommended.
Country of Origin: US

Swatches represent the final print, however they may not contain all elements of a design, are non-returnable and ship at no cost.