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$ 25.00

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Since we're all self-diagnosed plant addicts here at Hawkins, we thought it was high time to make our own collection of vessels for all our green and leafy children. These terra pots - which come in sizes from small to large - will make happy, earthy-colored homes for all your greenery, too. Classic clay vibes for every corner of your home, or for your back deck plant arrangement. (Green thumbs not included - super sorry about that.) 

SMALL, 6.75 x 6.5” $25.00 
MEDIUM, 9.75 x 10” $65.00 
LARGE, 13 x 12.75” $95.00 

Material: Terracotta (planters have a drainage hole but a drainage plate not included)
Diameter: Small (5.25"), Medium (8.5") + Large (11.25")

Care: Lightly wipe with wet cloth.
Made in Vietnam