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This might be the last collection of stovetop sets you'll ever want to buy. If that enameled body and unique shape looks familiar, it's because it's part of the classic Kobenstyle line from Dansk, first designed in Copenhagen in 1956 and seen in kitchens on both sides of the Atlantic ever since. The retro styling still feels thoroughly modern, the enamel is lightweight and easy to clean, and those iconic wooden handles stays cool to the touch. Dreamy.

Material: Enameled Stainless Steel
Size: 1 Qt. Saucepan, 8.75"L x 4.75"W x 4.75"h, 2 Qt. Saucepan, 13.5"L x 7.25"W x 4.5"H, 2 Qt. Casserole, 10.5"L x 7.25"W x 4.5"H, 4 Qt. Casserole, 12"L x 9"W x 5.25"H
Care: Hand wash only
Country of Origin: Thailand