By Andrew Molleur

$ 68.00

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The Contour Planters are handmade by maker Andrew Molleur in upstate New York. The Contour Planters are an all inclusive range of vessels for your house plants. Each planter is made up of two seperate parts; the vessel and water tray. Both can easily be seperated for removal of excess water. Proper driainage and water catchment aids in healthy plant growth and easy maintenance. Large and Low are made of speckled porcelain with a matte exterior and high gloss interior and Small is made of white porcelain. 

LARGE, 7.75 x 7.75" $100.00
LOW, 3.8 x 7.75" $80.00
SMALL, 5.25 x 4.75" $68.00

Material: 100% Porcelain
Care: Hand wash.
Made in USA
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