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Shipping over from Sweden, Johan Bergelin's 19-69 line of scents is as rock and roll as its name implies. An androgynous collection that evokes smoky rooms, musky concert venues, Haight Street's glory days and a strict diet of coffee and cigarettes. Gender neutral so you can swap with your partner, or your partner's partners, or your friends. Mix and layer to your heart's content.

19-69 PERFUME, 3.38 fluid oz, $175

L'AIR BARBES - fresh lemon, concrete, ink
RAINBOW BAR - bergamot, bourbon, vetiver
KASBAH - white honey, amber, sandalwood
CHINESE TOBACCO - tobacco, coriander, oud
CAPRI - sweet + bitter orange, ylang ylang, white musk
PURPLE HAZE - cannabis accord, violet leaf, patchouli
CHRONIC - bitter grapefruit, cannabis accord and moss
VILLA NELLCOTE - grapefruit, magnolia flower and patchouli
Made in Sweden