Kitchen Brushes

By Iris Hantverk

$ 12.00

Our Kitchen Brushes are all handmade in Sweden by visually impaired persons. Each is designed for its intended use; Pan Brush is sturdy and gives a non-scratching scrub, Natural Brush is perfect for cast iron and over time becomes bushier, Dish Brush is soft and delicate for your finer kitchen items, and Glass Brush has a long handle for getting into those tall glasses (and perfect for vases too).

PAN BRUSH, 3.25 x 5” $30.00 beech and nylon
NATURAL BRUSH, 1.25 x 5.25” $12.00 tampico fiber
DISH BRUSH, 4 x 3” $33.00 beech and horsehair
GLASS BRUSH, 3 x 9” $33.00 beech and horsehair

Material: Noted above
Care: Oil wood on occasion
Made in Sweden

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